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Tuesday, December 13th

It's Not What You Do,
It's Who You Are

8:00 AM ET
Daryl Conner
Conner Academy

Neuroscience: How Our Brains React to Change - and How to Best Handle It

10:00 AM ET
Hilary Scarlett
International Speaker
Scarlett & Grey

Fuelling Change through Communications

2:00 PM ET
Caroline Kealey
Ingenium Communications

Embracing the Selling Role of the Change Manager

4:00 PM ET
Theresa Moulton
Change Management Review

Wednesday, December 14th

The Future of Change Management

8:00 AM ET
Melanie Franklin
Change Management Institute

21st Century Ways of Changing Behavior: Using Nudges, Behavioral Specificity, and Habits to Change Culture

10:00 AM ET
Paul Gibbons
Author of The Science of Organizational Change

Wednesday, December 14th

Seamless Integration between Change and Project Management

2:00 PM ET
Vicente Gonçalves
Human Change Management Institute

70% of Change Projects Fail: Bollocks

4:00 PM ET
Dr. Jennifer Frahm
Conversations of Change

Transforming Traditional Approaches to Change

5:00 PM ET
Jason Little
Generator of Crazy Ideas (seriously)

Thursday, December 15th

Organisational Change with a Design Sensibility

8:00 AM ET
Helen Palmer

Energize Yourself: A Wellbeing Framework for the Change Management Professional

10:00 AM ET
Paul Sherman
What Matters?!

Discussion Forum Call

12:00 PM ET
Live Q&A session

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What is the Virtual Change Management Summit 2016™?

    A.Change Management Review’s Virtual Change Management Summit 2016™ is a curated collection of brand new pre-recorded global webinars bringing thought leaders and senior practitioners in the change management profession together, so that participants can discover, learn, and reinforce how change management practices and principles are applied in today’s business world.

  • Q.Can I access the webinars at any time if I can’t make the schedule viewing times on the web site?

    A.Yes! The Summit is a pre-recorded event in which you will have access to all content for up to one year following the event.

  • Q.What happens after I register?

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    A.First, please be aware that the speaker videos will be posted according to the Virtual Change Management Summit 2016™ schedule. If you are on an individual presentation page before that time, come back when the session is scheduled to appear. If it is time for that event to be there, refresh the page as it’s possible we’ve loaded the video since you visited the page.

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  • Q.Why is the Virtual Change Management Summit 2016™ important to change management professionals today?

    A.Our profession is currently fragmented and formalizing at different rates across the globe resulting in confusion about how to take part in professional development for those who have just joined the profession and for those who are in the mid-range of their career as a change management practitioner. Aside from formal certification training, there really isn’t a tangible mode to learn more about what is going on and what works unless one attends a conference or an in-person seminar.

    The Virtual Change Management Summit 2016 ™ is an inexpensive means for change management professionals to learn, grow, and understand the business world around them from the perspective of well known experts and senior change management practitioners.

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